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Wedding Dance Workshop!

Join our first dance group lesson on February 25th! Close out the month of love with a fun activity! Connect with your partner and build your confidence for your big day! Junie will cover all the basics for a beautiful your first dance moment!


Join us for a fun-introductory Wedding Dance Workshop! Gain the basic you'll need for your big day. Feel prepared and alleviate the ackward prom sway. 2 left feet, no stress. We'll guide you through some simple, smooth moves to help impress your guest.


Enhance Your Dance will be sharing key tips, turns, and easy dips. Bolster your confidence before you hit the dance floor as husband and wife. This is a special moment, why not do it right. Put on your dancing shoes and come thru! Meet us at 13847 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL, USA.

Ticket covers the cost of you, your partner plus a complementary glass of something bubbly!


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