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about junie


I make memories through movement! I am an artist who loves process and creating connections! We all enjoy a finished product, but I’m most passionate about the journey it takes to get there. That being said, there’s nothing quite like helping people experience the joy and compassion that comes through learning to dance. I’ve experienced countless benefits from dance and had a fulfilling career as a professional  performer, but it was when I discovered the world of social dance and ballroom that I stumbled on a niche I truly love...



I hold a BFA in dance with a concentration in choreography. I was born in the islands, raised on the west coast and made in NY. I’ve been a professional dancer, entertainer, and instructor for the past 15 years. My career has allowed me to perform abroad, touring in Japan, Italy, and Germany. My teaching experience includes ballet, modern, movement therapy, ballroom and broadway style dance. I’ve had the privilege and honor of training with Black Pool World champion Artur Tarnavsky, and continue to study both Smooth and Latin dance styles.


I pull from this diverse repertoire when choreographing and working with couples, but it's my knack for working with non dancers that helps me provide the guidance my clients need. Clients often preface their first class with "I am not a good dancer" my response "You're in luck, I'm a good teacher."  Enhance Your Dance is less about mastering technical skill and more about curating a connection with your partner on the dance floor so you can feel your best on your big day! I've been called a "couples wedding therapist" and a "love dance doula." Gain tools to set the tone for one of many collaborations to come in your marriage. I've formulated a 3 step process to give couples the confidence they need.


You’ll be in well-versed, patient hands: I've happily taught blind students, hearing impaired, incarcerated, and post-graduate mental health individuals to learn to dance. I assure you, I can teach you too! I believe in the magic of movement and the special feelings it can evoke for those watching. We often forget dance is a universal language. Don't miss this opportunity to let your guest witness your love speak for itself on the dance floor.  Make it a meaningful moment you won't soon forget!


I look forward to meeting you and your special someone! 




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